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Characteristics of 24K GOLDEN HEAD CROSSBACK

UPDATED 4/10/22
🟡 Code : AKH1002
✅ 24K Crossback Gold Head
✅ ↔️ 10”+- Length
✅ ↕️ Broad Body
✅ Big & Long 3 Tail Fins
✅ Thick Wing Fins
✅ No Drop Eyes
✅ Haven’t Tanning Yet
🧾 Microhip & Certificate
🏷 RM3000

General Characteristics

The Goldenhead Crossback is one of the most sought after asian arowana. This fish is a designer captive bred species, and the “supreme golden head” is developed through breeding hand picked, highest grade generations of crossback. At six inches, these fish will have a 60-70% golden head. By the time they are 12 inch, they will have developed a full goldenhead, when kept in the right conditions.

Like all Cross Back Arowana the gold rims on the scales reach only the 4 th rows of scales when young but will spread towards the back until it reach the 6 th level upon maturity. Thus, its name “Cross Back” means “Golden coloration crossing over the back”.

The Full Gold Arowana has gold based core and a gold rim on the outer edge. Good specimen will appear as a solid piece of gold when is fully matured.

Traits of a Full Gold Arowana are lighter color fins and eyes as compared to the other varieties of Cross Back Arowana. All Cross Back Gold Arowana are graded according to how fast the gold rims of the scales reach the 6 th rows scales.